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This describes a plan to manual map high quality landuse data in Catalunya (Spain) using the most updated data available from the local government.

The scope of this import (including enclaves) is 32,108 km² (12,397 sq mi), divided in 42 counties differing in sizes from 150 to 1700 km² (58 to 656 sq mi).

Datasets are shapefiles (SHP) published by county, so will be broken into 947 municipalities (0.4 to 300 km², 0.15 to 116 sq mi) in order to import them piecemeal.

On every resulting municipality, polygons with same landuses will be merged to simplify data. After that, landuse attribute will be translated into the best matching OSM tag and uploaded to the database.

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First of all split to the get the smallest part of the zone. Primero de todo partid la particición hasta conseguir la parte más pequeña de la zona Primer de tot partiu la partició fins aconseguir la part més petita de la zona

These are the codes we will bring to you Estos son los códigos de lo que te mostramos Aquests són els codis del que mostrem

You can find more info about the project and the license of the imagery here.

TA Arable land: portion of the territory destined for general herbaceous crops, stubs and fallow trees, as well as the resulting unprocessed ground of transformation of other agricultural uses. landuse=farmland
TH Orchard: portion of the territory used for the cultivation of irrigated vegetables, vegetables and pulses. landuse=allotments
IV Greenhouse: portion of the territory used for crops protected by glass or plastic constructions covered by plastic blankets that in any case provide plants with higher temperature than outside. landuse=greenhouse_horticulture FY Fruit: portion of the territory in which there is a plantation of fruit trees that can not be classified in any of the previous categories. landuse=orchard CI Citrus: portion of the territory in which there is a citrus plantation for the production of fruit. landuse=orchard, trees=orange_trees FS Nuts: portion of the territory in which there is a plantation of shell fruit trees (almond, hazelnut, walnut, pistachio or other) and carob trees for the production of dried fruit and carob. landuse=orchard, trees=almond_trees OV Olive: portion of the territory in which there is a plantation of olive trees for the production of fruit. landuse=orchard, trees=olive_trees
VI Vineyard: portion of the territory where a vineyard plantation for grape production is observed. landuse=vineyard
FO Forest: portion of the land occupied naturally by dense trees or from planting to obtain forest products, or repopulation by means of appropriate silvicultural techniques. landuse=forest
PA Pasture with trees: portion of the land that produces fodder naturally, with a notable presence of trees. It is assigned to the enclosures generated in which a mixture of forest species, and of bushes or scrubland, or fodder with a high density of trees is appreciated. landuse=meadow, meadow=perpetual
PR Pasture with shrubs: portion of land that produces fodder naturally, with a notable presence of shrubs. It is also assigned to the enclosures in which forest of bush or scrub is appreciated. landuse=meadow, meadow=perpetual
PS Pastureland: portion of the territory that produces fodder in a natural or assisted way through the application of crop techniques that have not been included in the rotation of crops for five years or more. landuse=meadow, meadow=agricultural AG Water sources: portion of the land occupied by rivers, streams, rambles, lakes, reservoirs, etc. of natural or artificial origin, regardless of the existence of water or not at the time the area is studied. natural=water, landuse=basin, landuse=salt_pond Manual review due OF Olive & Fruits: mixed landuses. landuse=orchard VO Vineyard & Olive: mixed landuses. landuse=orchard VF Vineyard & Fruits: mixed landuses. landuse=orchard FV Nuts & Vineyard: mixed landuses. landuse=orchard FL Nuts & Olive: mixed landuses. landuse=orchard ZV Censored / Security zone: areas of the territory without information, corresponding mainly to military installations. landuse=military

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